ART110: Wk15: Classmate Interview: Laura Maxim

This week I got an interview with Lauren Maxim. She is pretty beautiful girl and easy-going. This is her second year at CSULB. She is currently  majoring in business accounting but probably going to change it after taking her first account course this year. Lauren is trying to take as many units as she can handle so she will be able to graduate as soon as possible. This semester she takes five courses, there are economic, accounting, finance, art and information systems.

Lauren has three brothers in whole family, two older brothers and one younger brother. She has two dogs as well. Lauren works at TGI fridays as a server and the city of westminster as a Rec leader. She loves in garden grove and it takes like ten minutes to get to school. Lauren’s favorite food is donuts. On her free time, she likes to hang out with her boyfriend and go places, like the beach, zoos, etc.

Here is her blog
and her Facebook



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