ART110: Wk 14: Classmate Interview: Alfredo Garcia

Alfredo Garcia is 18 years old.  He was born in August 11st and he is an identical twin. (That sounds really cool!!! His brother is in LA, korean town). Alfredo is a freshman in CSULB. His major is business. He comes to school because of his parents and sister. At present,  Alfredo lives in Los Angles and he need to get up at 8 a.m. every day.  It takes him two hours to get school by bus transportation.

Alfredo only likes black color and cold weather. But he do has many hobbies, it mostly consists of biking, skating, playing video games, playing basketball and soccer. He also enjoys watching professional sports on TV. The favorite team for him is the lakers. Netflix is dope when he has nothing to do but hang out and chill. He watches that 70s show and How I Met Your Mother (I think it must be his favorite show).

Alfredo is a barber and he decides to be a barber in the future as well. He began to learn off YouTube which helped a bit by teaching him techniques, improving his skills in cutting hair. He learned how to cut his own hair and other body’s on videos by practices.  He uses two mirrors to see the back of his head. He has not gone to a barbershop in two years due to his ability to cut his own hair which has saved him lots of money.

This is his blog.
And this is his Facebook.

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