ART110: Wk14: Artist Interview: Khara Cloutier

20140503-220240.jpg     20140503-220259.jpg

The pieces above are from a exhibition named “Fabricating Identity in Southern California” in school’s gallery. The artist is Khara Cloutier who made them for her degree master of Fine Arts in CSULB.

Khara Cloutier has been living in long beach for ten years. She comes from Austin, Texas and got her bachelor degree in graphic design from Texas State University. Khara chooses CSULB for her further study on art and will graduate in this May. She wants to focus on graphic design in the future, one day she will be able to turn her design into real clothes. Khara works here as a teacher assistant as well.

Khara’s works are influenced by Los Angles County a lot. They are mostly made of ink and paper. The exhibition took her over three weeks to finish. When I have a look at her works, they are really interesting and fashionable. It is a combination of landscape and city grids.

“Clothing serves as material evidence of the mental space we occupy. My designs are inspired by the man-made landscapes that surround me and I apply those patterns to the landscape of the body .

Like graphic design, fashion is a medium employed to convey messages and ideas. It is an expression of identity that is established though color, form, pattern and texture. My work seeks to synthesize human geography with graphic design in order to clothe the body and thus, fabricate identity.” 

                                                                                                                                 ——Khara Cloutier





Here are some other works from Khara Cloutier.


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