ART110: Wk 13: Classmate Interview: Kevin Nguyen

Kevin Nguyen is currently 19 years old. This is his first year in CSULB. He dorms and lives in 10 minutes away from school. He enjoys here mostly because it is far away from home. And another reason is majority of his classmate rejected by long beach. Kevin chooses biochemistry as his major in this university. He loves spending time on composition and answers. He is influenced by medicine a lot and he loves to help others as well. Kevin has not decided to graduate from this school since it depends whether he is able to get into Pharmacy School or not.

Kevin’s family is standard, that is the most description he has in his mind. His hometown is a shell of its former self.  It’s seen better days.(I’m confused here) His favorite color is forest green, favorite food is pho, favorite sport is martial arts, and favorite type of art is photography. Actually he seldom tried anything about art before. The only thing he did is painting but he is not good at this either. Kevin does not have so much hobbies like the other body. He is used to search for music unheard. He thinks he is a good liar and he can make an UFO sound. Sometimes, he will hang out with his friends during his free time. Kevin has not any work experiences before, but he wants to be a doctor or a  pharmacist in the future. His dream is to live in an enjoyable life.

Here is his blog.

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