ART110: Wk 13: Artist Interview: Ronald Pagenkopp


The exhibition made by Ronald Pagenkopp is named Retrospection, partial fulfillment of requirements for his degree Master of Fine Art. Ronald Pagenkopp is 45 years old. He was born in Downey and he is currently living in Huntington Beach in California. He attended in Warren High School before and take a further study in CSUF later. At present, he study in CSULB and he is going to graduate as a MFA degree in one month.

Ronald has been keeping the habit of drawing for many years. He was attracted by artwork in childhood and it has already become a kind of lifestyle for him. He said he would still focus on painting after he graduates from here. Ronald got an inspiration and started to prepare the works in this showroom two years ago. Every single piece took him 12 to 15 hours to finish. They are mostly consist of watercolor, pencil and granite. Ronald loves to play music when he works, especially rock in roll songs.


The works he currently showing in this exhibition are about his memories of important people in his life. The photograph above shows his favorite two works, the orange one one is the middle(which is about his grandfather) and the blue one on the right side of the orange( which is about his father). It is pretty interesting since there is no specific portrait description in his paintings, only planes combination and common objections.

“In this work, the grid, numbers, and fragmented images are the elements used to carry this idea of memory. The grid is a representation of time, a constant and repetitive structure that ties these elements together. It is the framework that reconnects all of the individual components and relates them back to each experience. The individual numbers and number sequences not only provide reference to time but also present specific associations to people, places and words. To remember is to bring together a variety of elements; sounds, emotions, textures, patterns, and surroundings. These images are a collection of moments, s survey of past events, that have been reassembled to create representations and impressions that define a broader course of movement and change.”

——Ron Pagenkopp




To see his other works, click here. It is much clearer.


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