ART110: Wk12: Artist Interview: Brenda Moron

20140420-230027.jpg   20140420-230034.jpg


Brenda Moron is 23 years old from Santa Ana. This is her first year in CSULB. She had attended CSUF before for four years and transferred to here since the smaller program to her to get much closer with professor and classmates. Brenda studies as a 3D major(especially focus on wood) with a BFA degree here. She will graduate in 2015 and plan to continue the further study here to get the master degree. She is currently a member of CSULB wood department. Brenda is a Taurus. Her favorite food is Chinese(dislike tan and spinach soup), favorite sport is running, favorite color is teal, and favorite movie is “Amile”.

Brenda was interested in wood at a pretty young age. She was influenced deeply by her father( a home carpenter) and learned some techniques about how to use tools(like saws, carver, chisels) to work on wood pieces. Brenda really loves the smelling of wood and she is in fond of working wood by using her hands. At present, Brenda works in a store of wood furniture. Sometimes, she refurbishes some old wood furniture and sell them online during her free time. She dreams to design her own furniture one day and run her own furniture store in the future.

Brenda did many works before, tables, benches, skateboards. She got inspection from the common furniture in school. Her school work is hobby. Most of works are recycled wood, might from another work. Brenda’s main piece showing in the gallery was a bench (didn’t take pictures here). It is a group project and she works with several members from wood department. Each people has their own part and her job is sanding and printing butterfly pics.They used a tree fell down in campus and the whole project took them two to three weeks to finish it. In fact, there is a competition here to get a chance to put works beside the school buildings once they win it.

She is currently working on a snowboard and here are some any works for her.




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