ART110: Wk11: Artist Interview: Debbie Carlson

photo1    photo5

These pieces of artworks are made by Debbie Carlson, for her MFA thesis exhibition. Debbie is 40 years old, she is a Taiwanese American Artist. She has already had an associates in studio art from  Cerritos College and a bachelor degree of Fine Art from California State University in Long Beach.  This is her third year here. Debbie has many work experiences before, that’s also where her inspiration comes from. She has been a dancing teacher for a long time and she had worked as a designer for nine years for the paid of life, but finally she comes back to finish her further study in fine art.  Debbie has been married for twenty years and married at a young age, that’s why she quit her school so early.

This exhibition is pretty interesting when I walked in the gallery. It named “绑”(bound), which means bind/tie in english. I was attracted of the chinese characteristic in the title since I am a chinese, really amazing(sorry about the photos I took), it is a complete and deep meaning of this characteristic “绑”. It likes a lifestyle or the destiny when I read the work.  The pieces are made of different materials, like chair, fabric, plastic, and use lines to tie them together.

“Life is a game of choices, and we are bound by our choices. One can choose to play by rules constructed by society, or challenge social norms and create one’s destiny by exploring broader possibilities. One can choose to follow a path chosen by others or create his or her destiny. The choices one makes reflects one’s individuality and shapes one’s attitude about community and harmony.”                       ——By Debbie Carlson


Here are some other details of this exhibition.


photo3                    photo4


Her personal website:


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