ART110: Wk10: Artist Interview: Esteban Ramirez

photo1        photo2 photo3         photo4

The pieces above are from a showroom of Esteban Ramirez in CSULB gallery.  The first one is made of fireworks, others are photographs for fire. The piece about the meteor in the desert is his favorite one. He used at least four days to wait and caught this moment. The last picture is about the tools of Esteban used for his works. Most of them were made by himself. He even be able to make a massive fireworks if he owns enough materials. There are two videos for dynamic graphs of fireworks in this showroom as well, I post them at the end of this interview. The whole exhibition took Esteban four years to prepare.

Esteban is 31 years old, from picogivera California. He came to this school in 2011 and will graduate in a MFA degree this semester. He studies in photography and wants to finish a further study like many other artists here. Esteban loves light and fire. In fact, he dislikes fireworks in childhood because of the noise, but his brother influenced him.  Esteban’s brother is a pyromaniac(in Esteban’s mind). He is a member of the WPA(Western Pyrotechnic Association) and convinced Esteban to join this organization in 2009.  Esteban started the interest in photographing pyrotechnics since the annual convention named WWB(Western Winter Blast) of this organization. He put his attention on images of fire works and interact of how the light touch different objects. He said, “My heart races a little bit every time I light a fuse, and psychologically, I transform back into the same scared child who covered his ears and hid in the house. Not every pyro loves fir, but I love the light.”

Here is Esteban’s blog:

The videos on the wall in this exhibition: 


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