ART110: Wk10: Activity: PAINT

The last Saturday, I came with the same group again(Josue, Mark and Vincent) to Venice Public Art Walls to finish weekly activity. It was really fun, although we got two hours late to start our tour :(. Josue did the driver, as he always does. 🙂 When we got the beach, there has been a lot classmates painting the works. Many great works on the walls by this class and we need to plaster them. What a pity! However, it is my first time to paint anything on wall, especially scrawl. It was a pretty interesting and cool experience for me.


I plaster the whole wall for us. The picture below show the tools we used and it is the final look for our four complete works. I thought it was hard so I ask Mark to help me at the beginning. But when I start to do that, it was easy and I really enjoyed it. The photo above is my final work. I only print my family name since I didn’t get enough space to paint all bubble words I did in last week. I choose green and black to be the theme color of my work because they are kind of my favorite color for now. I did a draft before this and I add a heart when we finished that. It looks like a hurt heart, blooding and cute!

photo2     photo4

That’s how we look on Saturday beach with our artworks. We had done everything but we still want to stay for a while. I like this class since I make some cute friends because of the classmate interviews.

photo3     photo5


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