ART110: Wk10: Classmate Interview: April Kang


April Kang is currently 19 years old going to turn 20 on May 2. She is a student in CSULB at present. This is her second year, and CSULB is her first choice, she plans to graduate from here. April comes to this school since the alumni of her brother. She likes more freedom here. It is kind of far away from her home and just completely different from Suburbia city.

April has mother, father, and older brother who is four and a half years older than her. The family is 100% korean and her parents are immigrants from Korea. The family members don’t get along too well but they are trying to improve their sibling relationship.  April’s mother is an Instructors aid for elementary kids who have adhd, autism, etc. Her father is a computer engineer for the company Boeing.  April really loves both of her parents and grateful for all that they have done for her.

April lives in Chino Hills now. It is a quite boring place for her. Not much to do there and most of the time she just stays at home or goes to a computer lounge to play games. April drives to school every day. It takes her around an hour from here.

April has many hobbies, such as singing, sewing, sleeping , gaming, dancing, reading and listening to music. She really likes singing because it’s a way for her to express herself. She has troubles expressing herself at times and singing is the best way for her to do it. April mostly sings Japanese, German or French songs. She is a korean but she can speak some korean, japanese, french and a bit of german. April believes “even though you sing/listen to a song of different language, you can get the idea across it through emotions in the song”. She really likes sewing because she loves making her own clothes and costumes! “It is so satisfying.” Games she usually plays are League of Legends, Hearthstone and Halo. It is for stress relief and how she met so many great friends. “My hobbies is just something I picked up over the years. I’m kind of a loner so I do single person activities.”

April’s favorite color is any shades of blue. She likes to eat pretty much anything but Italian food. She likes any art since there is no preference for her. Her definition of art would be any way people would express themselves. She never judges anyone’s art.

April is majoring in textiles and clothing AKA fashion design.  She has liked making clothes ever since she was in Jr. High!  It’s a wonderful feeling to see creation come to life!  Another influence is she cosplays which basically dressing up as characters and going to conventions. “My major has a lot of projects which I dislike a lot.”

April actually works right now at a $1.50 japanese store called Daiso. The store sells the strangest things but also really good things from kitchen appliances to toys and everything is pretty much a $1.50. “It’s an interesting experience, except so many rude customers.”
April wants to work in any fashion place. “My dream is kind of silly honestly. It’s to actually be a singer or a really good fashion designer.”

Here is April’s blog:



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