ART110: Wk9: Classmate Interview: Jordan Gavero




Jordan Gavero is the person who I took an interview with for this week. Unfortunately, he had a nosebleed without notice. It is a really bad start. Jordan is eighteen years old. This is his first years, second semester in the CSULB. He was born and grows up in long beach. He has studied in high school here as well. It is pretty the same for him to study from the old school to CSULB in the whole directions.

Jordan chooses film as a major since he is really in a favor of movies. He loves making movies. He song beach.tarts to do that since he was a kid and he want to be a famous film director in the future. Jordan watches at least one film per week. His favorite style is judging movies. Jordan plans to graduate here. Hope both of his study and dream come well!



Here is Jordan Gavero’s blog:


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