ART110: Wk9: Artist Interview: Don Tinling

These two videos record the main work of Don Tinling in the first showroom. When I walked in this gallery, I was attracted by the screen in the middle and the whole row of blood in tubes. The first video is about 99 photographs of human bodies he collected since 1997. And the second one is talked about his own story, which is played by seven people(include his good friend).

Don Tinling is from NewYork City. He got a bachelor degree of Fine Arts major in Photography and returned back to school after couple careers. Don got the HIV positive in 1989 and diagnosed with full-blown AIDS in 1996.  It brings his life a big change.


IMG_2363                  IMG_2365

The blood samples on the wall(include Don’s own sample) is the project Don does in this school. It takes a really long time for hime to collect and get the signature from every volunteers. Don also makes the HIV quilts in Names Project during the ADIS crisis to hold space for the people who never get that. “By involving this personal matter into my work I am investigating the idea that it may create a new space within my practice and welcome in the next chapter of my life.”

Look more works here:


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