ART110: Wk8: Classmate Interview: Vincent Ngo

photo1 (1)                     10003348_802642279765835_338094064_n

This is Vincent Ngo. I know him from my friend Josue and all of us have the same class in this semester. This week, I had a short visit with Vincent, Tan, Josue and some others for plaster casting activity. Vincent is really a helpful guy since he prepared the materials and mixed the plaster for us. Unfortunately, he did the plaster cast twice since he made the first one broken and threw that away. And all of us got a really fun time during the whole activity.

Vincent Ngo is 20 years old. He looks like an asian since he is half Vietnamese and half Chinese. He is from westminster in California.  Vincent has a very supportive and caring family from vietnam. He is currently a sophomore at CSULB and he plans to graduate with a major in biochemistry here. He picked this major because he wants to be a pharmacist. Vincent commutes to school because he lives close by.  He likes this school because there are so many people here. In Vincent’s free time, he likes to go fishing, hangout, and just relax. His favorite food is Mexican food and he loves cooking as well.

photo2     photo3

Here is Vincent’s blog:


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