ART110: Wk8: Activity: PLASTER CASTING

photo5             photo6

This  friday, I came with Mark Tan, Josue Cerna and his friends to Seal Beach for weekly activity. The plaster cast in the photographs above is what my final work likes when I brought it to home. It was really fun when we did the works together and all of us had a good time.

photo4   photo3   photo1

The photos above show the process I did when I try to make a plaster cast of my right hand. First of all, I dig a hole in the sand with a shell I pick on the beach. The moisture of the sand I choice is quite good, not far from the sea. I made a big hole and put my hand in the sand to make a perfect mold. At the same time, my friend Josue and another classmate vincent mix the plaster for us. Then we poured the plaster in my mold(the second picture) and after half an hour, I dig out it(the last one). When I got my final work, it doesn’t look like so perfect. So I used a shell to scrape off the sand, and put the plaster in the sea to use tide wave for washing. Actually, the work is pretty easy to break so we need take a really good care of that, even I drove it to home.

photo1     photo2

Here is the photo of Tan, Josue and me together with my work.

On the second picture, Josue and his friends were making a gate to protect our works because of the tide and mine is the closest to sea. The gate did work since the tide is over a half distance away from my work when I finished it.


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