ART110: Wk8: Artist Interview: Nora Ayala

photo1                   photo2

These pieces above are the paintings from Nora Ayala, named “Luz. Antigua”(old light).

Nora Ayala is 26 years old. She is a really helpful girl from riverside, california. Nova got a BAF in La Sierra University before. This is her first year in CSULB and she plans to use two years to finish her study here. Unfortunately, Nova quit the job and dumb with her boyfriend before she came to this school. Nova inspiration is mainly from her families. Her parents are Mexican. She moved away from them in this August.

The theme of Nova’s works is about lethe and pieces of memories. It takes her seven months to finish this exhibition. The majority characters in these portraits without faces are Nora’s families, like her mother, father, grandmother and other sisters. Nova used photographs to remind her memories when she was focus on her works.

Nora’s works look like pretty sad and dark. Actually, she never use colorful pigments on her works before. The picture below is a portrait of Nova’s father. It is pretty different from others in the middle of the whole right wall. I felt really sad when I look at this painting and I even cried. I do feel her  painful and angry emotions when she’s drawing about her father. Nova told me I’m not the first person who cried with this piece.


These are Nova’s other works. She gives every single painting with its own name. When we talked about her favorite one in this showroom, she said every work is quite different, it will be changed with her emotions. The favorite one today is the one on the right of the second picture below. It is named “Melancholia en Jalisco”, about her grandmother(in the middle) and two sisters.

photo4 photo5

“The thought of you is like an old light, faint and dim

The light flickers and the memories fade

Since you’ve gone, everything has begun to wither away

Someday everything will be taken away

And the ones I once loved will leave

The light will go out and I will be left in darkness,

With no recollection of you”

——By Nora Ayala

Learn more about Nora Ayala:


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