ART110: Wk7: Classmate Interview: Cody Younkin


Cody Younkin is 21years old. This is his junior year in CSULB. Cody is from Seal Beach in California.  Seal Beach is a quite beach city, everyone is pretty nice there. He likes being able to walk to the beach whenever he wants. Cody attended Los Angeles high school before. There are not too many differences he thinks in high school and CSULB. CSULB is a pretty nice school for him with a lot of friends from high school together. He also likes being able to control his  schedule. Here is close to his family, only eight miles to drive each way every day.  And he plans to graduate from this school.

Cody studies in communication major but he has a marketing minor since he is very personable and comfortable in front of crowds. Cody wants to work in commercial advertising in the future. He is a server at Chilis and he loves working with people with his age. It is not only fast-paced and tiresome, but also rewarding when he works there.

Cody’s favorite color is dark blue, favorite food is anything BBQ(but he likes almost everything), favorite art type is black and white photographs. Cody has many hobbies. His favorite sport is football. He coaches football at his high school and he was a pro paintball players for three years which allowed him to travel other countries to play. Cody loves going to concerts and working on classic cars. He also likes going to play golf if he has free time(which was not happened very often).

Here is Cody’s blog:

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