ART110: Wk7: Artist Interview: Sarah Chu

photo1      photo4

Sarah Chu is an artist I took an interview with in the last week. Actually, when I walked in the gallery on the last friday, she was the only person who still with the works in the show room. Sarah was busying to dismantle her work, so we only got a pretty short interview.

Sarah Chu is 24 years old. She is not a student in our school. She came to help! Sarah is from a small town near the San Francisco. When I told her I’m from China, she started to speak Chinese with me. It was interesting! Although she was born here in the USA, she has a chinese father. At present, her family lives in Shanghai. She still need to finish her study here. Sarah’s major is textiles. Art for her is only interest. Her hobby is weaving. I think that is why she can finish the work so successfully!

The work above named “Ghillie Suit #2”, focus on camouflage, it is also Sarah’s inspiration from. It is a mixed with moss, waxed string, net, mylar, and Sarah weave them together. The work also has three colors, they all the true colors the moss used be in the natural environment. Sarah doesn’t want to try the color since it is a cover for camouflage! The piece takes Sarah almost two month to prepare it. She has two to three friends to work together on that.  Sarah started interested in this two years ago and she still want to focus on it in the future.

Here are the details of this work:

photo2                   photo3


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