ART110: Wk6: Artist Interview: Nick Gaby

photo (1)


The piece above is one work of the show in school of Art Gallery Courtyard in CSULB, named “Spice Vessel”. Its owner is Nick Gaby.

Nick is 34 years old. He is an acting curator from San Diego. He was interested in this kind of art in high school. At present, Nick is still a student in CSULB, but he will graduate from here soon.

This exhibition is a combination of mini artworks(like the small pieces in the photographs above) in a larger artwork. They are made of ceramic, wax and some other materials.  Nick got the inspiration from a group discussion with his friends about the space and scales for a micro miniature show. Nick loves working with others, with the different materials. He said the best thing about being an artist is not making money, it is nice to be a part of the artist group.

When I see Nick’s work, it more likes every single unit to be gathered together in a group. In our human society, every single person to be grouped in a community. In our world, every single element to be grouped in this earth. We are a small part existed in this big work, tiny, but significant. That is what I read from Nick’s work.

Here is more information about Nick Gary and the microminiatures Group Exhibition.


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