ART110: Wk6: Classmate Interview: Bryan Humski

image (2)

Bryan Humski is 21 years old. She gets the name from her parent since they love it very much. Bryan commutes with a 2001 Nissan Altima. It takes her 30 minutes to drive. She has a little brother, and lives with him and her two parents. Bryan is from San Pedro ca, and studied in San Pedro high school before. She choose CSULB as her university for her further study, since it is close to her home and she likes the environment here. This is Bryan’s second year in long beach.  She plans to graduate from CSULB but she is still deciding.

Bryan’s major is business management major. She chose this major because she always wants to be in change and she is always interested in business. Bryan likes having the authority to do stuff. She works at the pizza place for over a year. After 7 mouths there, she was promoted to be a manager. Bryan has a lot of works to do in the shop, such as making pizzas , doing the register, delivering pizza and book keeping. It seems like she does pretty much everything. Bryan loves it since she does what ever she wants , and keeps things in order.  She Loves her co-workers even though, they are all crazy.

Bryan loves watching TV and going out. She loves going to parties and drinking, it’s ok since she is 21 though. However, she doesn’t always have a lot of time for herself because she is always busy with something, weather it be school stuff, work stuff, or just something else.

Bryan’s favorite color is red, favorite food is any type of chicken, (the same as me) and her favorite sport is soccer. Bryan likes realistic art most. In the future she wants to be a manager of a big time company. Hope her dream come true!

Here is Bryan’s blog:


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