ART110: Wk5: Artist Interview: Bryan Lenorud

IMG_1761            IMG_1756

The pictures above are Bryan Lenorud and his works. Bryan is 28 years old. He is still a student in CSULB. He came here two years ago and will graduate from here this semester. This show took him five months to prepare for. He spent couple hours on each fish. The material he used is a Japanese ink. I saw this fish printed method in cartoon<Doraemon> when I was young. It is called “Gyotaku fish printing” and used to record the size, the style of fish. It is easy to made, paint pigments on the fish, reprint it on Chinese art paper and draw the miss parts. Bryan started this work since he saw the death of big fish and the health of ocean couple years ago. He thinks sustainable fishing practices can help these problems.

Bryan Lenord personally caught, printed and consumed all the fish we see in this exhibition.

“The majority of the fishing methods used are not capable of selecting the type of fish or animals caught, resulting in excessive bycatch. This bycatch includes mammals and birds in addition to the fish and other sea creatures caught that are not wanted. On average 1000 marine mammals die each day caught in fishing nets.

But bycatch is not the only problem. Some methods used for fishing completely destroy the habit of the animals they are catching. So if some of the animals do survive, they do not have a place to live.

Another huge problem is the amount of fish caught. Even with the most sustainable methods of fishing we still have to limit the amount of of fish caught. All most all big game fish are over exploited. 90% of large predator fish have been caught in the last 50 years. This means there is only 10% of the amount of large fish in the ocean as there was in the mid 1960’s. There is no way the fish can reproduce at the speed we are catching them.”

                                                                                                    ——By Bryan Lenorud 

Here are his other works:

IMG_1755  IMG_1757 IMG_1758

The tools he uses to go fishing:

IMG_1754     IMG_1763   

Learn more about Bryan Lenorud:


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