ART110 Wk4: Activities: LACMA

IMG_1680           IMG_1683

When I went to the LACMA in Los Angles on Monday with my friend, we took a visit on Korean and Chinese art museums.  I have been interested in the antique since many years ago and influenced by the songs, the articles and the porcelains in scenes of TV series deeply. So it is the part I most focus on in these two museums.

Similarities: Both the photographs above are about the antique in the older Chinese dynasty.  They all made to be utensils or ornamentals. The antique are sorted by the timeline of dynasties form right to left.

Differences: The antique in the left picture are from earlier dynasties than that on the right, they are chinaware. The right picture shown is bronze ware. Some of them on the left came from famous area focus on only one kind production because the craftsmanship was ripe enough during that time.

Here are some other artworks shown in these two museums:

The antique in Korean Museum:

IMG_1668  IMG_1669  photo_18  IMG_1672

The statues of bodhisattva:

photo_6         photo_5         photo_4

Red-lacquer floor lantern:


Lacquerware in Chinese earlier dynasties:

photo_12         photo_11


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