ART110 Wk4: Classmate Interview: Josue Cerna


Josue Cerna is from Compton California. He is 18 years old and fresh in CSULB. He is funny with a cool sense of humor. Josue likes long beach because it is nice and pretty relax,  the short journey makes him feel back home without ghetto atmosphere. He almost went to a community or Csu-Dominguez but he thought it was too lame so he came here. Josue is commute with a 92 Jeep Wrangler.

Josue’s major is business marketing and he chose it because in highschool he had his little business going on. He thinks it was pretty cool managing your own business and making money without having to do much. He is just getting his GE courses at present but he is taking calculus for business and it is pretty simple and easy for his since he likes math!

Josue has some hobbies, like fishing, hanging out, drinking and small parties. He throw his own sometimes with his friends over here at home. Josue likes going to gyms a lot and he started going everyday since this semester started. He is not into sports so much. He was really good at basketball in teen but he had an accident in the 8th grade when he was playing basketball and he almost died so he had to stopped playing.

Josue likes making friends but sometimes he’s terrible at socializing. He likes old school hip hop music and dislikes new school music a lot, he’s not a big fan of mainstream things. Josue is a plain guy as well, he dressed the same almost everyday.

Josue is on all social networks, such as facebook, instagram, twitter. He posts random things at times. Here is Josue’s blog!


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