ART110 Wk4: Artist Interview: Raven Sherman

photo_2         photo_7           photo_8

photo_4            photo_1          photo_3 

These artworks are named “Domina Gunilda” from Raven. H. Sherman. They are post around the room. When you walked in the centre of the room, you will be an observers besieged on all sides. It reminds me the last time at gun point in real, I feel really uncomfortable and I still cannot forget the feelings. When I faced these photographs directly, I felt a huge pressure.

Sherman is a photographer. She started the work on photographs in high school. This is her fifth year in CSULB. This semester will be the last one for her and she will complete her bachelor degree in art. Sherman wants to focus on her interests after she left university and get an internship soon.

Sherman’s photographs represent strength and rage. She printed them on matte papers. The works are the pieces of different Africa American women holding a gun with various face expressions from well-known films. We can see the similar scenes above.  She thinks the black women holding guns is pretty powerful!



Here’s the Sherman’s website:


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