ART110 Wk3: Artist Interview: Jazmin Urrea


IMG_1245          IMG_1244

When I first enter the house, I was amazing about this kind of arts. We can see lots of candies stick on the wall. The work named “Bombón,” which was created by Jazmin Urrea.  These candies were form downtown LA and Santa Monica and donated by her friends. 

Jazmin Urrea started her art since she was in high school. Right now, it’s about 6 years during her art life. Jazmin  is senior here and she just go back to this work. The wall took her two and a half weeks to finish. Jazmin had a group to help her, three friends and her little sister. The work is for her little sister. She wants to lose weight, and Jazmin wants to help her to create a new life style without candies.

IMG_1249                 IMG_1248

Jazmin made the video first. I cost her 700 dollars and two hours to make this. It helps us have more comprehend about this work and the meaning of that. Jazmin thinks the video is not enough so she decided to start her candy walls!


Learn more about Jazmin Urrea:


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