ART110 Wk3: Classmate Interview: James Hong


James Hong is a Taiwanese but was born in the USA. He is 18 years old and he is a freshman in the CSULB. The life here is similar with his high school, so he doesn’t have many troubles when he got here. He thinks the people in Long beach is more friendly.

James’s major is officially undeclared but will torn between physics and art. He has many hobbies. The reason he collect art is that he love to draw. He likes drawing armor,gear and tech, etc… He grew up with the classic pencil and paper. He is planning to work on CG/CGI because he has a lot of ideas for science that he’d like to spend on movies or video games. He didn’t spend much time on PC games, but his favorite game is old star Wars games.

James also  love hanging out with friends as I do. Last weekend. He ate in a Chinese restaurant with his family. Hope he enjoyed this weekend as well!

Here is James’s website:   Enjoy it!


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