ART110 Wk2: Artist Interview: Oscar Mendoza

photo     photo (1)

Oscar Mendoza is the second artist I interviewed in the SAGC. Actually, we got different exhibitions every week  in this gallery and this one took him one week to prepare.

The picture next to Oscar is his favorite painting in this showroom. It is on the basis of the photographhetook for a worker fixing a car. He used pencil for the dark part and eraser for the empty. Oscar’s painting is full of shapes. This picture is more like a typical work. He used different lines to emphasize the shapes and a circle(wheel) later to mitigate the intensity. Oscar thinks the shift light shining the stuffs makes different shadows, so he also use imagination to simulate the  scenes in his painting.

Oscar is a very nice guy with a good patience. He is 44 years old. He has many experiences come his inspirations. He lived in Mexico City for 24 years and come here in 2011. Oscar graduated from a same university with us in last semester. His favorite artist is Siqueiros. The most difficult thing for him is finding something he wants to draw.

photo (4) 

The picture above is about his girlfriend. He use the scene as a model and image the pose his girlfriend cannot present.

Here are his other works.

photo (5)

photo (3)

photo (2)

If you want to get more information about Oscar Mendoza, you can click here:


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