ART110 Wk1: Artist Interview: Meghan Smythe

photo (7)

This week I visited an sculpture exhibition in school of Art Gallery Courtyard in CSULB. I took a short interview with Meghan Smythe, a ceramic artiest from NewYork.

Meghan Smythe is 29 years old. She studied an art major in nova scotia. This is her first exhibition and she has worked on sculptures for ten years. Her ceramics are some special combinations of human body parts, like skulls, hands, legs and organs. These are usually made of clay, glass, foam and some other materials. She also likes using flowers in her works. It is pretty cool and warm.

photo (4)

Megan has been interested in ceramic since high school. Her works are influenced in dance ,history and her own experiences. Megan’s favorite artist is Rebecca Warren. She also get many inspection from Sunkoo yuh. Megan spend one and a half years to finish her arts in this exhibition. When we talked about the hardest part of doing these works, she said it is very hard to get inside deep and down.

Here are some photographs from her exhibition.

photo (5)

photo (3)

photo (2)

If you want to learn more about Meghan Smythe, please click here:

And here are some works from Sunkoo Yuh and Rebecca Warren.

Sunkoo yuh

Rebecca Warren

Enjoy it!


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