ART110: Wk15: Artist Interview: Courtney Heiser


20140508-234445.jpg  20140508-234435.jpg


The yellow piece above is made by Courtney Heiser who I took the interview with for the final week. Courtney made to describe the disabled body. She tried many other colors as well and it took her two and a half weeks to finish. The whole exhibition named “Effusion” in the big showroom is all the student final works from drawing and painting major for their BFA degree.

Courtney Heiser is 23 years old. She has already studied in CSULB for five years and this is her last week in this school as well. Actually, this is not her first exhibition, her had one before in this same gallery on February. Courtney is huge fan of Iva Gueorguieva. She started to touch the art things in a pretty young age. Her mother is a nurse but she is pretty a artist and influenced Courtney a lot.  Art has been a part of Courtney’s life right now.

Courtney is from chicago. She moved in long beach at ten years old and she might back to chicago or go to New York for work after graduation.  The work type for her in the future might change a lot. It is also possible for her to have a further study in art after working for a while. Courtney commutes and lives with her sister at present, but she will move soon.  She has a bother living bear Santiago as well.

Courtney worked for CSULB’s painting in summer. She tried many kinds of art before, like photography, design. When I took the interview with her, she is busy of her final work for another course. It likes braided fabric, a scarf maybe. Courtney loves to hangout with friends, she really does a good job in scot and swimming. But she seldom goes to gym in this school, she said she will do that in this week. She is kind of singer as well, but she is scared singing in front of a lot people. Courtney’s favorite color is pink, favorite food is cheese, but she loves to try different countries’ food as well.

Here are some photographs I took for other artists’ works in same exhibition. And you can see more pictures in this website.